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4.9 | 2500+ Logo


TRIP helps you feel your best

Find your calm amongst the chaos with a clear head, balanced body, and happy taste buds.

Unwind Without Hangxiety

Crack open a can, take a breath, and relax knowing you'll be hangover free in the morning.

Relax into your best self

Infused with natural adaptogens that can help you feel more productive and creative.

Low in cals, high in taste

Take a trip down taste lane, super refreshing and light on the calories.


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4.9 | 1385+ Reviews

Meet the UK’s best tasting oils, infused with chamomile for its soothing and calming benefits.

Two delicious flavours, ORANGE BLOSSOM and WILD MINT in two strengths (original = 300mg and strong = 1,000mg) – happy days.

Place a few drops under your tongue, hold for 30-60 seconds, then swallow – this enables efficient absorption via the bloodstream. Take at any time of the day to calm your mind.


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4.9 | 1115+ Reviews

Meet our MIXED PACK, with our 3x Great Taste award winning flavours ft. ELDERFLOWER MINT, PEACH GINGER & LEMON BASIL.

Gluten-free and vegan, our drinks are made with natural adaptogens for stress-free sipping and guilt-free good times.

From AM to PM, enjoy solo, chilled or mixed into cocktails. Deliciously refreshing and a convenient way to relax and unwind – we’ll drink to that!

“I Tried The UK’s Most Popular... & Yes, It’s Worth The Hype” REFINERY UK


to help with stress

Infused with potent natural botanicals like ginseng, L-theanine, turmeric and chamomile, the most common use for TRIP products is to provide relief from stress and anxiety. It’s no surprise that millions of people swear by it (we do too!). And if you don’t believe us, listen to what our customers have to say… 

I felt calmer, more focussed and I got less flustered from daily stress. I can see myself using it forever’ Jessie B.

to help with sleep

Many of us experience issues when trying to get that all important shut-eye, and it can be increasingly frustrating if this is continuous over a long period of time. A lack of sleep can leave you exhausted, unhappy and not feeling yourself. Many people find TRIP helps to quieten a busy mind, finding moments of calm and winding down before bedtime, often allowing them to get a better night’s rest. 

‘Have been taking this and sleeping so much better’ Ksenija S.

as an alcohol alternative

TRIP drinks are a delicious way to relax and unwind into your best self. Each can contains 15mg plant magic and natural botanicals (adaptogens) that helps the body to reset and rebalance. Lightly sparkling, deliciously refreshing and a great substitute for a glass of wine. 

‘With TRIP, who needs alcohol’ Chaz F.

Stress-free sipping without the hangover - we’ll drink to that.


We created TRIP to share a little bit of calm in the everyday chaos and to bring millions of people their first experience because now, more than ever, the world is recognising that mental health is intrinsic to good health.

From AM to PM, take a TRIP anytime, anywhere. Use it to kick start your morning, as an afternoon pick me up or as part of your night-time wind down ritual.

Stress-care is the new self-care and we’re here to help each and everyone of you on your journey to finding calm and feeling your best self.

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